Redesign Solutions

Give a new life to your old website.

Refresh the site or store and attract more visitors and customers. Redesign is a modern graphic design and encoding it in the current content management system without the need to create a new website or store.

Redesign solutions

The website is a strictly virtual product, so it is not subject to wear.
However, the website, like any product, can bend or bend visually after a while, and previously designed technical features may not be enough to meet current requirements.

It is not always necessary to build everything completely from scratch, it is often enough to add or change certain elements so that the old side will gain new desired properties while maintaining the current data.

Who needs it?

Many website owners believe that if the site is still appealing to them and their family, it will appeal to visitors.

This is a very misconception, because Internet users are very sensitive to websites deviating visually and technologically from today’s standards. Often for a visitor of a given website, one glance is enough to decide whether to stay on the site or leave it as soon as possible.

Refreshing the pages most often involves:

  • changes the appearance of some elements or the entire page,
  • adaptation to mobile devices,
  • improved usability,
  • adding new subpages and functionalities,
  • content updates or moderation,
  • removal of errors in the page code, validation in accordance with the standards,
  • search engine optimization,
  • CMS application for easy website administration by the client,
  • others what the customer desires.

Search engine optimization.

Much has been said lately about the positioning of pages, how much advanced and expensive techniques you have to use to pick up positions in Google’s search results. For some popular phrases, you need to use advanced SEO techniques to get a higher page rank. However, in many cases, you just need to refresh / optimize the page code to get an improved position in the search results.

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