SEO optimization and speed

Improve loading and operation speed.

Full optimization will increase the visibility of the website or online store.

For effective positioning of a website or an online store, it is based on its proper search engine optimization. If there are few competitive words, optimization often contributes to a significant improvement in the positioning of many keywords.

SEO optimization

  • meta tags,
  • tags,
  • appropriate header structure
  • image optimization, alternative titles,
  • code optimization,
  • internal and external linking
  • attaching the ssl certificate,
  • environmental integration.
  • improvement of errors reported by walidar

Speed optimization

  • reducing the size of graphics without losing quality. They will not lose their quality,
  • elimination of CSS and JS code blocking page loading,
  • minification of files to reduce their size,
  • removing unnecessary code as far as possible on a given system,
  • running gzip compression and browser cache usage,
  • running cache and automatic compression,